To purchase the app:

  1. First login to your store using the store owner credentials.
  2. In Bigcommerce, go the Apps > Marketplace and search for "League License" in the "Search apps" box.
  3. Click Install
  4. Create login information, choose your version and purchase the app.
  5. Submit your Tax ID and agree to our Seller Participation Agreement.
  6. Choose your product markup percentage (product markup is a percentage value. As an example, a value set to 200 would be double your wholesale price). Note: after you install the app, you can change your markup for future imports by going to the App > Account Management.

When you purchase one of our app versions, you are enrolled in our monthly recurring payments program. Then, you are asked to submit your Tax ID number and agree to our Seller Participation Agreement. Next, the app will appear in your store under the apps section of your Bigcommerce or Shopify admin panel.

If you are unable to see the app in your store, get an error message during ordering or experience any issues please email