League License strives to help our subscribers make money. Therefore:

  1. We select products with complete information. If a product is missing a key data element like an image or UPC, the product is not selected.
  2. We select products with a wholesale price greater than $6.00 because when you add the $4,00 drop-ship fee plus cost of shipping the product it is really difficult to make a profit on products that wholesale for less than $6.00. If you want to add products with a wholesale price less than $6.00 we can make them available to you, just let us know!
  3. We select only products that have a high probability of being fulfilled. We did not include products that are not regularly stocked or often available. We call these products "special order items" and special order items often take several weeks to ship. Since most customers want their products now, we felt it would be best to not burden you with the potential customer service issues when offering special order items on your website. If you want to add special order items to your store, just let us know!